Prayer Makes a Difference

Burmese-Bible2-1024x512Burmese-Bible3-1024x512The pictures you are looking at depict cases of FireBibles damaged by rain. Notice that the cases are wrapped in plastic sheeting. We know they were shipped in a closed truck, and the drivers were trained to take care of their cargo.

What the pictures do not show is that for more than 40 years this country was closed off from the rest of the world—so much so that Christians living there thought they were the only people in the world serving God. That’s how effective the repression was.

But when the door opened, the Assemblies of God Bible Alliance and LIFE Publishers International joined together to translate and publish this edition of the FireBible. It was produced with the help of concerned partners all across America.

So why were these copies damaged? Did the shipping agent send them in a faulty truck? Did the trained drivers become careless? No! What happened was that government officials at the border crossing stopped the truck, frightened the drivers with threats and fines, and then forced them to unload the cases in the rain (more than once, it seems). This also caused the second shipment to be delayed by nine months.

No insurance will pay for this damage—especially not when the agents hear where the Bibles are going. Of 129 Bibles damaged, 34 were a total loss. However, we were able to get over 4000 into this country. Those Bibles are helping the church there grow daily through the FireBible’s notes and articles that explain the Word of God and reinforce what pastors, preachers, and evangelists have studied in their Bible schools.

It’s no surprise that unsaved men tried to destroy these FireBibles but couldn’t, because when we send a shipment, our prayer partners are praying it gets where God wants it to go.

Blessings on you, and thank you for partnering with us.