Are You Listening?

A young Turkish man walked into the office yesterday asking about the Turkish FireBible. The receptionist knew the standard answer: “Our distributor is…. The office is located at…. Their office is open from….” But the Spirit spoke to her this time and told her to wait—this was a special case. Something was different. She called the FireBible director’s office and asked if there were any Turkish FireBibles in the office for a young man at the front door.

The Spirit spoke to the director and said, “Wait! This is a special case. Something is different here. Offer the young man a display copy, and provide him with the standard information on the distribution network.”

When the young man saw the Bible, his eyes lit up. He exclaimed, “Yes, this is my Bible.” He explained that he had left Turkey about eight months ago and could only carry with him a few items in a suitcase, but he could not bring his book. He said he was now enrolled in the training program at Victory Mission, and while they had a Bible study every night, his English was not good enough to follow everything being discussed and read. He so wished he had his book. The FireBible in Turkish was his book and so much more. Now he could understand the Bible study and participate in the discussion. He left the office shouting God’s praises.

God wants to meet people’s needs. He wants us to listen to the prompting of the Spirit when he speaks so that not only is the man seeking the Bible blessed, but the receptionist and the director are blessed as well. Are you listening?