May Stewart

Our Director, Jeffrey Dove, was speaking in Mustang, OK recently. While giving updates on our progress, he showed a copy of the new MEV version of the FireBible. After the service, a lady came up to him and introduced herself. Her name is May Stewart, and she wanted to tell him how wonderful the FireBible is and how important she thought it would be for her pastor in Arkansas to have a copy. She asked if there was a way she could buy the new MEV Jeff had, but he told her, “I’m sorry, you can’t purchase it.” She insisted that it would be such a blessing if she could take that Bible back to her pastor, and tried again saying, “You don’t understand how important it would be for him, please let me purchase it.” Once more, but with a smile, Jeff said, “I can’t let you purchase it because I’m giving it to you.” May left with a big smile that day, and we know she will give that Bible to her pastor, who will be blessed by it throughout his ministry. The Word of God is still making a difference!