Spanish Eastern District Council

Leo is a big man with an even bigger heart. Delton Watts met Leo, and then introduced me to him while he was serving our lunch at the Spanish Eastern District Council in the hills of upstate New York. As our four days with the 600+ delegates and participants went from Missions’ Convention to conducting the annual district business, we came to see in Leo what makes this group of believers so special.

Four days a week, Leo is a mechanic, but from Friday through Sunday he is the District Men’s Ministry Director. His goal is to visit and encourage as many as possible of the over 400 Hispanic churches that stretch from Maine to Tennessee, 17 states in all.

Over one meal, Leo told us about his first activity as Men’s Ministry Director. Offering time came, and although the Men’s department had very limited funds, Leo announced that the very first offering would go in its entirety to missions. A miraculous offering of $1,400 came it, and God has provided ever since for the needs of the District Men’s Ministry.

Delton invited Brother Leo to come by our table where we were drawing names for FireBibles®. Our Hispanic brothers and sisters love the Vida Plena, the Spanish FireBible, and by the time Leo walked over to the table, there were no more FireBibles® to give. But we gave him a Life Publishers’ portfolio, Leo grinned from ear to ear.

Later, I told Delton, that he really knew how to pick winners … I was wrong. God knows how to pick ‘em. We were just fortunate enough to rub shoulders with one of his choice servants.